Best Price Guarantee

Book directly at the hotel and benefit from the best price

Book directly on our website; we guarantee the best room rates available.

Your advantages of a booking directly at the hotel

  • Up to 20% price advantage
  • Greater choice of room types
  • Shorter minimum stays
  • Half-board at a preferential price
  • Attractive packages and special offers
  • Short cancellation periods and partly free cancellation
  • Personalization of the own stay
  • Direct contact and more service
  • Participation in the «Belvedere Bonus» loyalty programme

The «Belvedere Bonus»

The loyalty programme exclusively for direct bookers

Every time you reach a turnover of CHF 10'000 within five years, we issue a voucher worth CHF 1'000 at the end of the year. This voucher can be redeemed within two years. The voucher is transferable and can also be used as a gift. The turnover is based on the purchase of all internal hotel services from direct bookings, but does not cover external services which may be included in package, such as a ski pass, train ticket or a massage.
The voucher cannot be used to reach the next CHF 10'000.

Status: November 2020