Spycher fondue restaurant

Fondue fun in a rustic setting

Enjoy a pleasant evening after a winter's day in the mountains with family or friends, over a delicious cheese fondue, raclette, fondue chinoise or fondue bourguignonne.

Our offers throughout the winter season:

Cheese fondue

The Swiss classic. The special cheese mixture makes our fondue truly flavoursome. Served with fresh bread and boiled potatoes.


We prepare raclette the traditional way. The melted cheese is scraped from the half-circle of cheese directly onto your plate. Served with potatoes, pickled gherkins, pickled onions, mustard fruits etc.

Fondue chinoise and fondue bourguignonne

The classic fondue variations featuring various meats, prepared by yourself at the table. For fondue chinoise you cook finely sliced meat in a bouillon, whereas for fondue bourgignonne the meat is cooked in oil. Served with various garnishes, sauces, French fries or rice.

For that special event

The Spycher is the ideal venue for up to 30 people to celebrate special occasions (corporate dinners, Christmas parties, family celebrations etc.). We will be happy to take your reservation, either by e-mail or by telephone on +41 33 888 99 99. We look forward to your visit!