Supporting sustainability

We think «green»

At the Hotel Belvedere we think «green». We make every effort to respect Nature and conserve resources. Numerous measures are already in place, and important projects are already in the pipeline. Here are just a few of them:

Heat pumps

Heat pumps have been installed to heat the indoor pool area including the outdoor saltwater Jacuzzi. The pumps heat the bulk of the hotel's hot water supply. There are also plans to install a heat pump to harness energy from the air.

Wood-fired heating system

In 2010 Grindelwald built a wood-fired heating plant which is fired by waste wood from sawmills and construction sites, as well as storm-felled wood from the forests. The hotel will be connected to the system in 2016, following which an oil burner will only be deployed in the event of a heat pump failure or power plant outage.

Waste separation

Waste is carefully separated into paper, cardboard, glass, metal, vegetable matter etc.. Various other measures are in place to avoid generating excessive waste.

Waste heat

The waste heat from the air conditioning/ventilation system is used to heat the indoor pool water.

Restaurant air conditioning

Instead of a highly energy-intensive system, air for the restaurant is cooled by water during the summer. The water comes from the heat pumps and returned to the soil.