The second Generation

1956 - 1986: Fritz and Elsi Hauser-Inäbnit

Fritz Hauser and his wife Elsi took over the hotel in 1956, running it with his two sisters, Elsa and Rosa Hauser and Elsi's sister-in-law Cécile Hauser. Fritz and Elsi Hauser had two children, Urs-Beat in 1956 and Susanne-Christine in 1963. Both attended the Ecole supérieure de Commerce in Neuchâtel and went on to study at the Hotel Management School in Lausanne.


The fourth floor was renovated in 1962 and the west wing of the building was given a flat roof. The lounge was enlarged and fitted with panorama windows and balconies were added to all the rooms. 1969 saw the construction of the indoor pool with sauna, and in 1978 the east side of the fourth floor was demolished and rebuilt. In the years up to 1986 many other renovations were undertaken throughout the hotel, including the kitchen, laundry and restaurant.